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Schema - Schema is a synopsis, outline, diagram, general type, essential form, conception of what is common to all members of a class ...more info
Scumble - Scumble is a painting technique whereby opaque colours are dragged over an underpainting deliberately allowing parts of the underlayer to show through ...more info
Section - Section is an imaginary or real cut through a solid by a plane ...more info
Serial - A serial is a succession or a sequence ...more info
Shape - In art, shape is any area on a flat two-dimensional surface ...more info
Silhouette - In art, silhouette is a profile of form showing outline only, all inside being black or obscure ...more info
Size - Size is a glue used as preparation of the ground before priming ...more info
Sketch - In art a sketch is a quick note of the essential features of a picture or a sculpture or drawing to be carried out later with the missing details supplied ...more info
Solidity - Solidity in sculpture is a perceptual quality belonging to form as experienced when seen ...more info
Space - Can be actual or an illusion. In painting it is usually the latter ...more info
Spatial Relations - Spatial relations exist in space where space is regarded as a kind of universal receptacle or matrix ...more info

State - Graphics are rarely produced without intermediate stages being printed so that the artist can judge how the work is progressing. Such prints are called states ...more info
Stencil Graphics - The essence of stencil these stencil graphics is that colour is applied to a surface through shaped holes in stiff material ...more info
Stretcher - In painting, a stretcher is a wooden frame on which the canvas support for a painting is stretched ...more info
Structure - In art, the term structure pertains to the arrangement and mutual relation of the part of the body, object or composition ...more info
Study - In art, a study is a carefully worked out drawing, painting or maquette of the proposed art work ...more info
Subtractive Colour - As oppose to additive colour which emits light, subtractive colour absorbs the wavelengths that make up white light and reflects only certain wavelengths which people observe as a particular colour ...more info
Support - The support may be wood, canvas, cardboard, a wall, paper, or copper plate, et cetera ...more info
Symbol - A symbol is something that stands for, represents, or denotes something else ...more info
Synthesis - Synthesis in painting means to unify all the parts however diparate ...more info

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