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Easel - In art an easel is an upright support used for resting a painting or drawing surface on it in order for the artist to work on the surface ...more info
Eclectic - In art, eclectic refers to a person or style that borrows freely and obviously from other contemporary and influential sources ...more info
Egg Tempera - Egg tempera is artist paint made by binding pigment in an egg medium ...more info
Encaustic Painting - Also known as hot wax painting, encaustic painting involves the use of colour pigments added to heated beeswax ...more info
Engraving - Unlike etching the ink-retaining grooves in engraving are made by hand, being forced out of the metal by special steel tools called burins ...more info
Environment - Environment refers to the space around, or the surround ...more info
Etching - Etching is an Intaglio method of printing in which the ink-retaining grooves in the plate are produced by the actual biting of acid on the plate ...more info
Expressionism - Expressionism is an art in which the emotions of an artist are paramount and take precedence over a rational or true to life rendering of subject matter ...more info
Eye Level - Eye level is a term used in linear perspective where it is the same as the horizon line ...more info

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