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Fat Paint - Fat paint is a mixture of oil paint and linseed oil so that the mixture is very oily ...more info
Firgurative Art - Artwork, including paintings, are usually referred to as figurative art when they are clearly derived from real objects and are representational ...more info
Figure Drawing - The process of drawing the human body in its various shapes and positions, usually from a live model, is called figure drawing ...more info
Figura Serpintina - Figura serpentina is an Italian term used to charecterise the twisted, convoluted figures of Mannerist sculpture ...more info
Form - Form is the physical manifestation of anything. In art it refers to the reality or illusion of reality in the work of art; the visible aspect of the body ...more info
Formal / Formalism - In art, formal describes those works which are concerned with an order and a conscious organisation of the elements ...more info
Found Object - In art it refers to an object that has been found by chance and not looked for specifically ...more info
Fresco Paintings - Fresco painting in its authentic form is defined as paintings done on wet plaster ...more info

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