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Mannerism - Historically the word mannerism refers to a style in Italian art during the sixteenth century ...more info
Maquette - In art, a maquette is a small preliminary model for a work of sculpture ...more info
Mass - Mass in painting is any quality in a painting which implies or suggest or emphasises the physical weight ...more info
Medium - In art, medium is the means in which a painting or sculpture is executed, for example, oil, water, bronze ...more info
Mixed Media - Mixed media in art refers to a work of art which was created by using a combination of more than one medium ...more info
Mobile Sculpture - Forms, such as metal, paper, objects, which are connected by wire or rods ...more info
Model - In art, the word model refers to the object that is observed and painted. Model usually refers to the nude human figure ...more info
Modelling - 3-D Modelling in art is a process by which the forms of a sculpture are built up piece by piece out of a plastic material like clay, wax or plaster ...more info
Montage - Montage is a pictorial technique in which a picture is formed by applying seperate images in parts or in layers to form a total image ...more info
Monumental - Monumental refers to something that is massive, permanent or vast ...more info
Mosaic - Mosaic is a technique of arranging fragments ( glass, marble etc. ) called tesserae in a bed of fine cement ...more info
Movement - In sculpture, movement refers to the internal tensions existing among the parts of a sculpture ...more info

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