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Tactile Value - Tactile value refers to plastic values. It is the illusion of tangibility in a painting ...more info
Tempera - The term tempera is loosely applied to any method in which the pigment is mixed with oil and water and an emulsifier which combines the oil and water ...more info
Terracotta - Terracotta is an italian word, meaning baked earth ...more info
Tertiary Colour - In painting a tertiary colour is created by mixing a primary colour with a secondary colour ...more info
Texture - In practical art work the term texture has at least three possible meanings ...more info
Three-dimensional - Three-dimensional refers to something having depth, or composed of elements arrange at various distances from the spectator ...more info
Tonal Range - In art, tonal range is the range from light throug to dark of an object or of an entire painting ...more info
Tromp L'oeil - Tromp L'oeil refers to a painting in which every device is used to create the illusion of total reality ...more info
Truth to Materials - The phrase truth to materials describes the belief that each material used as a mediun should be used in specified ways determined by the material itself ...more info
Turpentine - Oil of turpentine is a distillation of the oily resin of terebinth. It is the resinous liquid from pine ...more info

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