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Genre - Genre is a term used in art history and art criticism for paintings depicting scenes from daily life ...more info
Gesso - Gesso is a powdered form of calcium carbonate and is commonly used in art ...more info
Giclée - The art term giclée is used to describe the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing ...more info
Glaze - Glaze is a technical term for a translucent and transparent film or layer of colour or paint applied to a completely dry underlayer of colour or paint, so that underlayer is modified ...more info Gouache - Gouache is a type of paint that consists of pigment suspended in water ...more info
Graffito - Graffito is a technique whereby a layer of paint or plaster is laid over a dry underlayer, and while it is still wet, lines are incised so that the contrasting coloured underlayer is exposed ...more info
Ground - In art ground can have two meanings, one to do with painting and the other to with etching ...more info

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