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Contemporary South African Artists Beginning With The Letter " N "

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South African artists with surnames beginning with " N "

NELL June - South African Artist, Oil Painting
Self-taught artist since 1986, does realistic work - landscapes, seascapes, flowers, figures etc. Other tutors: Peter van Blommenstein, H.G van Aswegen...

NIEMAND Johan - South African Artist, Oil painting
I see myself as a talented artist in both oil on canvas, pencil/charcoal sketches as well as digital media. Have completed a number of paintings before a break of 12yrs after which a new entry into the art world has been made...

NIGRINI Michèle - South African Artist, Painting
Michèle Nigrini obtained her B.A Fine Art at the University of Pretoria under Prof. N.O. Roos and other artists like Jean Kotze, Gunther van der Reiss, John Clarke and Judith Mason. She undertook postgraduate study at the same university and obtained her Master’s degree (Fine Arts) in 1994...

NIND-BARRETT Susan - South African Artist, Oil Painting, Wildlife Painting
I am a British born artist living in the beautiful Garden Route, on the Western Cape coast of South Africa where the awe-inspiring scenery never fails to ignite the artist in me as I strive (through my writing and painting), to express the experiences that touch my soul on a daily basis. I am a published author of short stories and wildlife and portrait artist...

NORMAN Greg - South African Artist, Oil Paintings
I was trained at the Johannesburg School of Art. I started drawing and painting as far back as 4 years old. I have recently started painting full time. My initial pieces are of Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest statesmen the world has ever seen...


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