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International Artists Beginning With The Letter " M "

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International artists with surnames beginning with " M "

MACLAREN Connie - Canadian Artist, Paintings
MAHAMEED Omar - United Arab Emirates Artist, Oil Painting, Watercolours, Acrylics
MALOOF TSALAGAS Stephanie - United States Artist, Oil Paintings, Acrylics
MAPHATSOE Peter - Lesotho Artist, Sculptures, Paintings
MARSHALL Lyne - Australian Artist, Acrylic Paintings on Canvas
MARQUE Jan G. - Dutch Artist, Oil Paintings
MARTIN SANZ Jose Maria - Spanish Artist, Oil Painting, Watercolours
MARTINS Sarah - Kenyan Artist, Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Mixed Media
MAXTON GarE - United States Artist, Sculpture
MAYER Karin - Belgian Artist, Watercolour Paintings
MBEKE Joanna - United States Artist, Acrylic Paintings

MCCREA Derek - United States Artist, Watercolor
MCKENZIE Annick - United Kingdom Artist, Acrylic Paintings
MCNEILL Suzy - Canadian Artist, Polymer Clay
MIREILLE Dubois Vanhove - Belgian Artist, Mixed Media
METKE Don - United States Artist, Sculpture, Photography
MIYONGA Martin Otieno - Kenyan Artist, Batiks
MONTES Mariela - Argentine Artist, Oil Paintings
MWALE Sudi - Malawian Artist, Pencil on Paper

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