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Susan Nind-Barrett - South African Artist - Oil Paintings, Wildlife Paintings

oil painting by south african artist Susan Nind-Barrett

oil painting by south african artist Isabel Le Roux

oil painting by south african artist Isabel Le Roux

oil painting by south african artist Isabel Le Roux

Susan Nind-Barrett

Media - Oil Painting, Wildlife Painting
Email - susan@susan-nind-barrett.com
Website - www.susan-nind-barrett.com

I am a British born artist living in the beautiful Garden Route, on the Western Cape coast of South Africa where the awe-inspiring scenery never fails to ignite the artist in me as I strive (through my writing and painting), to express the experiences that touch my soul on a daily basis. I am a published author of short stories and wildlife and portrait artist. I paint in various mediums: pastel; oils; watercolour and pencil but it is usually only my oil paintings that come up for sale. I love portrait painting and am passionate about wildlife. I've been incredibly fortunate to have had many personal experiences with African wildlife; both camping in the bush (remote bush and otherwise), and at the more controlled environments of research centres & captive breeding programs.


Born during the second world war in small village in England of a farming family, I've been closely associated with, and loved, animals (one of my favourite painting subjects), all my life. I am sixty-three years old; married; both my husband and I are retired and currently live with our little dog, iZibi (who goes everywhere with us).

My husband and I love travelling, especially in Africa and Australia. We have, over the years, spent time in eight different African countries and we're hoping to explore Namibia, Botswana and the Okavango Delta in the very near future.

I am a published writer of short stories and have also written, and illustrated, several children's poems.


Every one of my paintings is a small part of me wanting to share itself with you. I paint in several mediums: oils; watercolours; pastels and pencil but usually it is only my oils for sale. My work reflects my passion for my environment and, as I try to express the spiritual aspect of life, I paint what I feel. My favourite subjects are portraits and wildlife of whom I have intimate knowledge. I have exhibited in South Africa and my work is well known in Zululand.

My oil paintings are executed with artist grade oil paints on high quality stretched canvas on a strong wooden frame. They are sold unframed to allow you to choose frames most suitable to your home decor.

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