original oil paintings by south african artist

Hosea Matlou - South African Artist - Paintings

paintings by hosea matlou

paintings by hosea matlou

paintings by hosea matlou

Hosea Matlou

Media - Painting, Pastels
Phone - 073 814 2945
Email - hoseaart@webmail.co.za

Art Education: Hosea Matlou attended communnity art workshops. He has also got some advice from William Langa, Emmy Mark and Mike Mmutle and attended a free drawing workshop at pretoria Technikon.

Group art exhibition: State Theatre Art Gallery, Chris Tugwell Galleries. Universal Art Gallery, Pretoria association of Arts, Russia, Sammy Marks Square comference Centre, Egolly Art Gallery, Department Of Art And Culture PTA Building.

Solo art exhibitions: IDASA, CEDPA-SA, Amnesty International.

Public Commission:
Department of art and culture PTa Building bought two pastel drawings
Queens life style bought 42 pastel drawings
Universal Art bought 20 pastel drawings
Egolly Art Gallery bought two pastel drawings
Country Director of CEDPA-SA bought one oil painting

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