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Collen Maswanganyi - South African Artist - Sculpture

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Collen Maswanganyi

Media - Sculpture
Email - collenmaswanganyi@webmail.co.za

Collen Maswanganyi carries from a family in a village in Giyani that abounds in artistic talent. Maswanganyi's father, Johannes Maswanganyi is an acclaimed South African sculptor who has exhibited both locally and internationally.

Collen Maswanganyi was taught his sculpturing skills by his father, although he has attended a tertiary institution to refine his skills

Collen Maswanganyi's art incorporated issues relating to both the African traditions that he has been raised with and the modern world he lives in, while he also depicts the life of traditional Africans - their dressing, lifestyles and customs, he also contrasts this with Africans participating in the modern, hi-tech world. His work represents hardworking African people in the corporate sector. He also acknowledges the advantages of modern inventions and how they can impact on rural life in a positive way.

The mobile phone is used to represent the easiness of communication that can now be attained through this technology. Mobile phones have created a way of working miles from home but still being able to keep in touch with loved ones in the rural areas.

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