original oil paintings by south african artist

Artists From South African Art History Beginning With The Letter " E "

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South African Art History - Artists With Surnames Beginning With " E "

ENSLIN George - South African Artist, Paintings, Oil Paintings
1919 - 1972, George Enslin was born in Richmond, England ...more info

EVANS Merlyn - South African Artist, Paintings, Etchings
1910 - 1973, Merlyn Evans was born in Cardiff, Wales ...more info

EVERARD Bertha - South African Artist, Oil Paintings
1873 - 1965, Bertha Everard was born in Durban, South Africa ...more info

EVARARD-STEENKAMP Rosamund - South African Artist, Oil Paintings
1907 - 1946, Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp was born in Carolina, South Africa ...more info

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