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Dis-Location / Re-Location - Traveling Exhibition
Produced in collaboration with the South African design team Strangelove (Carlo Gibson and Ziemek Pater), Dis-Location / Re-Location, is a travelling exhibition scheduled to tour to seven South African Museums as of June 2007 to May 2008 ...more info

Johannesburg Art Fair
ArtLogic, an arts event company, received funding from First National Bank of South Africa to organize the Johannesburg Art Fair ...more info

The Africa Centre
A New York architectural firm was awarded the contract to design the Africa Centre for artistic production and performance situated on the Spier Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa ...more info

New South African Art Galleries and Bookshops
New South African art galleries and bookshops including Goodman Gallery Cape, Exposure Gallery and Biblioteq...more info

The South Project
The South Project, an initiative by Craft Victoria Australia, is headed for Johannesburg South Africa ...more info

Public Art Campaign By Art for Humanity
Art for Humanity initiated a public art campaign that consists of a collaboration of South African artists and poets ...more info

Latest South African Art Books
Latest South African art books including Memorandum: A Storey With Paintings and the Big Bad Bitterkomix Handbook ...more info

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