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Helena Vogelzang - South African Artist

south african artist Helena Vogelzang

south african artist Helena Vogelzang

south african artist Helena Vogelzang

Helena Vogelzang

Media - Bronze Sculptures
Email - arthelena@telkomsa.net
Website - www.helenasculptor.yolasite.com

South African born sculptor Helena Vogelzang graduated from the class of '82 at the original National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, her distinct artistic talents gaining recognition - even at a young age. She qualified as a Graphic Designer but followed the voice in her soul, urging a compulsion to create sculpture. In 2000 Helena followed her heart to KwaZulu Natal where she initially put her energy into commissioned pieces. After a break from sculpting, Helena returned a more cognisant and intuitive artist.Inspired by their compassion for fellow man, Helena's latest works explore the persona of selected international icons, her love of form and texture is apparent in these bronze masterpieces, which embody spirit and emotion, leaving a symbolic legacy for the future. Her body of work also includes,a curiosity for those things equine,specialising in the Thoroughbreds and unique representations of South Africa's rich wildlife heritage, to which she has a deep and abiding affiliation.

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