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Penelope Hunter - South African Artist - Oil Paintings

south african artist Penelope Hunter paintings

south african artist Penelope Hunter paintings

south african artist Penelope Hunter paintings

south african artist Penelope Hunter paintings

Penelope Hunter

Media - Oil Paintings
Website - www.penelopehunter.co.za
Email - penelopehunter999@yahoo.co.uk

I have been a full time artist since 2004. I gain much artistic knowledge from my artist father, Geoff Hunter, as we work together in our studio, in Linden, Johannesburg. Geoff's speciality is wildlife painting. Studying and rendering our heritage of beautiful animals and the bush, invoke peace and a sense of purpose. We aim to create awareness and support for the South African wilderness through visual art.
I exhibit at Artists Under the Sun at Zoo Lake on the first weekend of every month, which is enjoyable as I am able to correspond directly with art enthusiasts. I also exhibit in South African galleries and undergo private commissions including portraits, figures, landscapes, wildlife and other special requests.

Exhibitions Include:
. .Nedbank, Cinema Nouveau: November 2003
. South African Ballet Theatre: 1-18 March 2007
. Industrial Development Corporation: March, April, May 2007
. On Wednesday 4th November 2009, Nicky Oppenheimer, Chairman of EO & Son and De Beers, and Strilli Oppenheimer will be opening an art exhibition titled, "The Many Facets of the Highveld - plants, animals and stones" at their home Little Brenthurst. The exhibition is a partnership initiative between the Diamond Route (an ecological, heritage and tourism initiative) and the South African National Biodiversity Institute, "SANBI". The art exhibition, along with several specialist talks, will run over the month of November 2009, and it is hoped will help heighten awareness of the importance, diversity, history and great beauty of the Highveld ecosystem

Galleries include:
. Decrovision, Broadacres
. Gallery G, Benmore Centre
. Studio Gesso, Design Quarter
. Studio Gesso, Melville
. John Haines Gallery, Grosvenor Crossing
. Mahogany, Milton Keynes, England

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