original oil paintings by south african artist

Tarryn Gordon - South African Artist

south african artist Tarryn Gordon

south african artist Tarryn Gordon

south african artist Tarryn Gordon

south african artist Tarryn Gordon

Tarryn Gordon

Media - Oil Painting, Acrylics
Email - tarryngordon@gmail.com
Website - http://tarryngordon.withtank.com/

The artist Tarryn Gordon began painting at a very young age, her talent was evident from right back them, she always loved art. She finish high school at Pro Arte Alphen Park, a school of the arts in Pretoria. She has amazing skills working with a very wide range of artistic styles, with many different kinds medium and technique, (or media and techiques) depending on the project at hand. Such examples are airbrushing, oil painting, drawing/illustration and new media.

Tarryn’s college years were spent passionately developing and learning as she worked towards completing a Fine Arts. Her artistic efforts did not go unnoticed at The Ruth Prowse Fine Art College, in Cape Town. Her final years work was an amazing collection of playful, fun, expressive works in Ink and Bleach, with a self discovered technique of using paint brushes as well and an airbrush. This collection of paintings take a look at getting passionate, celebrating life and always learning more, as the opposite of play isn't work, it's depression. They are all of children playing, as the passion, love and happiness that we try create, we so often admirer in children.

As Professional self motivated Artist. Tarryn has dedicated her life to inspiring people to live a happier, more meaningful and fulfilling life though the medium of Art. An identified talent acquainted with methodological processes, historical contexts and theoretical frameworks that underpin the broad subject area of Art. With a good grasp on how art in all it forms are exhibited, interpreted and promoted. She opened a small Art Gallery in Knysna by the name of “The Knysna Art Studio and Gallery.” It has now been open for a year and a half, and is doing very Well. It is a fantastic way of getting to know other artists and promoting her own work. She has had many solo exhibitions in the gallery.

She resently did an exhibition which was a wonderfully successful collaboration with art photographer Timothy Atkins, intiled, “Once Upon a time in Knysna” The body of work is comprised of oil paintings and photographs. Artworks signed by the name of tartim are a combination of both forms. The excellent uses of colour and compositions have been formed entirely by the artist’s and every artwork is one of kind. When looking at this body of work a few words come to mind. Mystical, Fantasy, Beautiful, Inspiring, Love…..Knysna has a way of escaping from reality, living bare foot and by the tide, but fulling life with happiness. This unique collaboration of photos and painting on canvas brings a new style to the art market. For Artists the recession has brought back the focus to the art itself. If you have talent it will manifest and you will find the support. What truly provides satisfaction is having meaning and purpose in life, which is undoubtedly important in the midst of the economic nightmare they were experiencing.

Tarryn's most resent exhibition was a collaboration with a local undiscovered talent, Its a funky Afro Pop style collection of paintings with loads of south African flavor. The 4 examples are from this body of work.

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