original oil paintings by south african artist

Moraig de Witt - South African Artist

south african artist Moraig de Witt

south african artist Moraig de Witt

south african artist Moraig de Witt

Moraig de Witt

Media - Coloured Pencils
Email - moraig@primecharts.com

Portraits of children and South African Wildlife and botanicals are Moraig's first love and she has sold many of these works round the world from the UK to Melbourne Australia. Recently Moraig has been doing a number of works in Polychromo wax pencil with water colour underpainting.

Any life form from small insecst to large elephants or from tiny "weed" flowers to large strelitzia plants are a source of inspiration - the beauty of nature, the light, the detail, the structure...all a never ending supply of design and form.

She has also completed four children's book illustrations and a number of medical illustrations for educational purposes as well.

Moraig works with with her husband Mark and their two dogs Tass and Ted from thir home in the Constanita Valley of Cape Town South Africa.

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