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AntheA Delmotte - South African Artist

south african artist AntheA Delmotte paintings

south african artist AntheA Delmotte paintings

south african artist AntheA Delmotte paintings

AntheA Delmotte

Media - Oil on Linen
Address - Box 99 Piketberg 7320
Phone - 0732817273
Email - anthea@lantic.net

The light in the dark

In the LIGHT of all the negative stuff that confronts us daily in society today. Socially and with what’s happening with our earth, I still see so much light in all the darkness, just like the gleams of light peep through the dark clouds in order to gently touch everything. These simple landscapes are a reflection of that. There is light in the dark and where there is light there is a whole spectrum of colour. You just have to look properly.
The beautiful array of colours present in the shadows fascinates me and even if some people might find it grey and dull and maybe depressing I look at it with fascination, appreciating its warmth and beauty. In life it is the dark spaces that give us the opportunity to realise where we can improve. Also when it comes to our past mistakes with mother earth. There is a beautiful rise in awareness with conservation and social issues born from our mistakes. This organisation/workshop and the gathering of aware people and the devotion of their lives are part of that light touching the subjects in the shadows.

Personally I often use simple subjects to talk about deep issues. I suppose I want people not just to look, but really to see and absorb. The secrets of the universe lie in the simplest of subject once you open your eyes. In all levels of our lives this paradox of light in the dark and dark in the light can inspire us with hope-The difference between determinations and defeated. For as long as you are fighting you are not defeated. For as long as you continue you are moving. For as long as you are moving you are going in a direction. You are going in a direction that is determined by your aim. If your aim is good you are moving forward, in that case you are winning!

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