original oil paintings by south african artist

Carina Claassens - South African Artist - Mixed Media

south african artist Carina Claassens

south african artist Carina Claassens

south african artist Carina Claassens

south african artist Carina Claassens

Carina Claassens

Media - Mixed Media
Phone - +31633971812
Website - www.carinaclaassens.com
Email - info@carinaclaassens

Carina Claassens was born and raised in South Africa, where she grew up on a wild life nature reserve.From 2000 to 2002 she has studied Fine and Applied Art at the Tswane University in Pretoria, with a main focus on Printmaking; Photography; Ceramics; Drawing and Art Theory.

After finishing her studies she moved to Mozambique, Maputo when she was 21, and has only recently moved to The Netherlands (April 2005).

Her main subject has to do with celebrating Female Forms in all its aspects, with figurative artworks in ceramics, paintings, drawings and etchings. Lately she has experimented with more with Mix Media, Urban design and Video installations.

Her main subject was woman, now it has moved and grown to the Memory Series, where she documents her own memories. So as not to forget them, she uses rope to tie them down. to keep the memories from fluttering away into oblivion. Obsessively tying down her fears, secrets, lots moments, so that she may not forget: Who she is. As I quote: "Yesterday made me". She gets her inspiration from events that happened with women in her circle of friends and in her family.

 "Yesterday made me, and today I discover a new truth and secret. My work is a search through metaphors in the spaces of memory and the present, spaces of the real and the imagined, memories that is both hidden and open. It is an attempt to conceal and mask but also to except, whilst simultaneously attempting to peel away the husk and layers that crust over secretive stories embedded in the collected and found objects and in the minds of people I have met and loved."

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