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Rick Becker - South African Artist - Oil Paintings, Acrylics

south african artist Rick Becker

south african artist Rick Becker

south african artist Rick Becker

Rick Becker

Media - Oil Paintings, Acrylics
Phone - 041 5812206
Website - www.rickbecker.co.za
Email - rbecker@lantic.net

My abstract pieces differ in style and execution. Some are geometric, clinical, painted smoothly and usually planned to some extent. Others are very spontaneous; the paint sometimes applied thickly with a palette knife. Alternatively I allow the paint to run, and will use diverse methods and tools to create a specific piece. Often I will end up with a piece that I had no intention of painting, and am just as surprised at the end result as anyone else. In fact I feel like a spectator in the process. Images are there: waiting to be recognized and that is exciting. Passion must precede technical perfection, for it is easier to have the first and acquire the latter, than vice versa. For that reason, I try to remain true to myself there are days when I simply cannot paint, and if I do, the artwork will acquaint itself with the blade of an axe. However, when "it's happening" and the inspiration is there, nothing else matters at that moment in time.

The Cubists led the path towards abstraction about 100 years ago. But it seems Rick Becker has done what few have dared to do: taken the art form and reinvented it. The Gathering is the title of one of three works he has in this style and it is most impressive. Capturing something of the straight-edged, clinical quality associated with the digital age, this work is elongated and built around horizontal chocolate-like stripes. Architectural shapes hang suspended in the abstract space thus created. But for me the best two Becker works are Nude Abstract 1 and 2, which have serious echoes of Picasso and Braque at their analytical best" -The Herald Art Correspondence

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