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Bridgette Allan - South African Artist - Acrylic Paintings

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south african artist Bridgette Allan paintings

south african artist Bridgette Allan paintings

Bridgette Allan

Media - Acrylic Paintings
Phone - 0317642248
Website - http://bridgetteallan.net
Email - bridgette.allan@telkomsa.net

Bridgette became a full time artist in 1999. She enjoys the immediate impact of large paintings and it would be unusual to find her using canvas under the size of 900 x 600 mm . Her works can be described as large bold paintings often forming the focal point in a room and although she is able to vary her subject matter,from bright floral paintings with dramatic tonal contrasts to realistically painted wildlife to fulfill commissions, her monochrome nudes have become her trademark. It is in these works that her intrigue of the human form, proportion & movement come to the fore, brought about through studies of anatomy during her nursing years. Bridgette is challenged by trying to achieve accurate proportion and subtlety.

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