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Paul Weinberg - South African Artist - Photography

south african artist paul weinberg photography

south african artist paul weinberg photography

south african artist paul weinberg photography

Paul Weinberg

Media - Photography
Website - http://www.paulweinberg.co.za
Email - pwein@iafrica.com

Paul Weinberg is a South African born photographer with a strong commitment to the land and its people. He was a founder member of Afrapix photographic agency, well known for its uncompromising stand and visual portrayal of the apartheid system and the resistance to it and later helped establish South Photographs, a family of South African documentary photographers.

Paul has a large body of work that explores people, life, culture and environment around him, beyond the news and beyond the headlines. His work has often been against the traffic challenging stereotypes, prevailing comfortable myths and himself as in the case of his documentary of his home-town, Pietermaritzburg (Going Home, 1985-90).

His in-depth photography on other people and issues has often taken him years to complete living with people for months at a time. In Search of the San was a long and in depth documentation about the lives of the modern San living in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. He has spent nearly two decades on this project living and reflecting on their modern day existence. The outcome of these efforts resulted in a number of exhibitions locally and internationally and a book (In Search of the San). His documentary project with the Kosi Bay community, at the time under threat of removal by the apartheid government and the local conservation authorities developed into a three -year relationship and exhibition for which he received the Mother Jones Documentary Award.

Other exhibitions and projects reflect human rights issues, environment, development and more recently work in the field of HIV and AIDS. His photographs have appeared in a number of established International publications - Der Spiegel, New York Times, LA Times, Time, Red, The Independent (London), Vrye Nederland and Elsivier, Geo and has been published in many others. Locally his work has appeared in Leadership Magazine, Marie Claire, Africa Environment and Wildlife and Sawubona amongst others.

He has also worked extensively for non-governmental organisations. He was a founder member of New Ground Magazine based at EDA (a South African development organisation) serving in the capacity as photographer and picture editor. He has worked for the International Red Cross Society, Oxfam (UK, Canada and Australia), Save The Children, The Bernard Leer, Ford, the Mott, and Liberty Life Foundations.

He has been widely published in a number of collective books, notably The Cordoned Heart (Gallery press, Norton),1986; Beyond the Barricades (a co-editor and photographer), (Aperture), 1989 ; Fault Lines, by David Goodman (University of California Press), 1999; Group Portrait (Kwela), 2003.

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