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Jan Van Bergen - South African Artist - Oil Paintings, Watercolours

jan van bergen south african artist oil paintings

jan van bergen south african artist oil paintings

jan van bergen south african artist oil paintings

Jan Van Bergen

Media - Oil Paintings, Watercolours
Email - vanbergenj@tut.ac.za

Jan Willem van Bergen born 1964 in Pretoria, Gauteng

Jan Van Bergen is facinated by the excessiveness and voluptiousness of the natural landscape, or God’s garden- as he preferes to call the vistas of unspoilt nature in this part of the world. It is his intention to capture the exuberance of life as it gushes forth in the flora of the southern african landscape. Jan Van Bergen does not paint human interventions –not because they are not natural, but because they detract from the landscapes Godliness. In a sense man is defined by his emergence from the immanent continuim of the universe. Space and time define the discontinuous world of man. Contrary to this God is found by man in the continuous… immanent world of the startling and unexplained. There is no better symbol of this than the untainted natural beauty of the african landscape.

Jan Van Bergen has been influenced by Hokusai and Hiroshige. This can be seen in his economic use of line. He has also been very heavily influenced by van Gogh -who was also influenced by Japanese 19th century artists. The movement captured by the brushstroke is very important to Jan Van Bergen. He works wet and believes in maximum effect through minumum effort. Is the painting a single movement that cannot be overworked? Definitly. It is a movement that signifies spirit. It is only in this sense that a work consoles. Life is hard. To offset this hardness the painting provides consolation.

Art Exhibitions

  • 2001 September - Garob Exhibition Knysna Fine Art
  • 2002 July - Participated in group Exhibition at Everard Read Gallery
    Painting chosen as part of the Johannessburg Art City Project 2002. His painting can still be viewed from the newly completed Mandela Bridge September - Exhibition at Brain Green’s Old AA Workshop with Hilton Nel
  • 2003 September - Group Exhibition with Nicolas Maritz, Claudette Schreuders, John Murray & Conrad Botes at No. 44 Stanely Street
  • 2004 July - Solo exhibition at Franchise at No. 44 Stanley Str.
  • 2004 November - Solo exhibition at Graham's Gallery
  • 2005 September - Solo exhibition at Graham's Gallery

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