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Hardus Koekemoer - South African Artist - Sculptures, Paintings

hardus koekemoer sculptures paintings south african artist

hardus koekemoer sculptures paintings south african artist

hardus koekemoer sculptures paintings south african artist

Hardus Koekemoer

Media - Sculptures, Paintings
Email - koekemoerh@tut.ac.za

Hardus Koekemoer obtained a National diploma in Lighting, Sound and décor painting from the Technikon Pretoria in 1985. He also holds a B -Tech degree in lighting design, and is currently busy with his M -Tech degree on the subject of lighting design in an African context.

Hardus Koekemoer is currently employed as a lecturer in lighting at the Tshwane University of Technology, and takes part in various solo and group art exhibitions in South Africa and Europe.

Hardus Koekemoer is also responsible for the lighting design of various productions, ranging from opera to drama, music and dance theatre. Since 1999, he was responsible for the various “Fire Dance” and “Fire Light” productions that took place in Pretoria and the Potchefstroom arts festivals.

Hardus Koekemoer latest original indigenous theatre productions “Ancient Stars, War, Destiny” were performed with great success during February 2000/2003 at the Breytenbach theatre. This production where performed for an ABSA bank function, and during the Aerospace 2000 conference as the main opening performance. Delegates attended this performance from 46 international countries, with Nelson Mandela as guest of honour.

During 2003 a indigenous production “Shaka X” were successfully performed in Pretoria and Botswana, Gaberone.

Hardus Koekemoer was technical director for the Y-Arts festival on the arts campus, and were responsible for the staging of events and placing of crewmembers for twenty productions in a period of two weeks. Currently Hardus Koekemoer lectures to more than 75 lighting students.

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