original oil paintings by south african artist

Ilse Kleyn - South African Artist - Oil Paintings, Pastel Paintings

Ilse Kleyn south african artist oil paintings

Ilse Kleyn south african artist oil paintings

Ilse Kleyn south african artist oil paintings

Ilse Kleyn south african artist oil paintings

Ilse Kleyn

Media - Oil Paintings, Pastel Paintings
Address - 160 Joubert Street, Protea Heights, Brackenfell, 7560
South Africa
Phone - +27845042814
Email - ilse@eccsystems.co.za
Website - www.artofkleyn.co.za

I started to draw since my hands could hold a pencil. I am actually the third generation on my mother's side who shows artistic talent.

After High School, I started a career in the South African Police Force as a Police artist,  drawing wanted criminals, stolen goods, designing pamphlets, posters ect. This was the environment where I learned most about portrait studies.
 I only started painting with acrylic late in the 1990's, doing small projects only for family and friends. I soon discovered the magic of painting in oil and never looked back.  After a career of 16 years in the South African Police Service, I persued my life long dream and started painting full time in 2006.

I am intrigued with the human form, mind and spirit. I strife to capture a human being's character. To portray the essence of the soul, the human being's frustration, pride, strength, love, wisdom and humor when he finally accepts himself as God has made him.

My work is evolving in a style of my own, precise, full of detail, rich with color and depth. It is growing as I am growing, thus it is not a fixed style. It is my mission to paint time-less paintings with a message to all generations. Not just a peace of art to decorate the wall.

My figurative paintings exhibit strength in a resolute and well defined body of work. The orchestrated structure and form provide a perspective of rarefied atmosphere and dramatic appeal.

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