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Kate Jagoe-Davies - South African Artist - Oil Paintings

south african artist barry jackson bronze sculpture

south african artist barry jackson bronze sculpture

south african artist barry jackson bronze sculpture

south african artist barry jackson bronze sculpture

Kate Jagoe-Davies

Media - Oil Paintings
Address - PO Box 266, Pringle Bay,
7196, South Africa
Website - http://jagoeart.co.za
Email - jagoe.davies@inxisp.net

Kate Jagoe-Davies Art Biography

Kate was born in 1954 in the Letsiteli Valley and grew up between there, on a farm and East London.   She took Art at school, co-winning the Art Prize in 1972.  She went on to study Fine Art at the University of South Africa and obtained:
B.FA; Rhodes University 1979
B.Ed; Rhodes University 1981
PhD [hc]; Rhodes University 1993
PhD [hc]; University of Cape Town 2003

Kate retired from UCT in 1996 due to illness and resumed her oil painting in 2000, after a 13-year break.   In 2003, Kate, with her husband, Zoology Professor Bryan Davies, moved full time to Pringle Bay, which is part of the internationally recognized Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.   Here they are very involved with the creation and maintenance of Conservation Villages.    Kate continues her oil painting of the things she loves: portraits, baboons, landscapes, flowers and interiors.   Both Kate and Bryan have a unique relationship with the Chacma Baboon troop in the area [see film: Healing Power of Nature: Distant Cousins, SABCTV3, 2008] and since 2006 Kate has been painting various members of the troop.   She and her husband are currently writing a book on their experiences with them.

Because of her fluctuating health and energy (she is disabled though a spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia), Kate does not manage to search out galleries or to hold exhibitions, but has periodically held her own "Exhibition through the Ether" [on email] since 2001; and also exhibits her work on her own web site http://jagoeart.co.za,  and other Art Sites on the Internet.  She has paintings in private collections in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, England, France and South Africa.

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