original oil paintings by south african artist

Alex Hamilton - South African Artist - Acrylic Paintings, Mixed Media

south african artist alex hamilton paintings

south african artist alex hamilton paintings

south african artist alex hamilton paintings

Alex Hamilton

Media - Acrylic Paintings, Mixed Media
Website - http://www.alexhamilton.co.za
Email - alex@alexhamilton.co.za

My art is an explosion of diversity: an organic, living creativity inspired by the wealth of culture present in this world. Deeply moved by natural beauty, spirituality and popular culture, my art has become a visual exploration of symbolism, universal archetypes, colour and iconography. Concepts such as deconstructionism and religion play an important part in the evolution of my work as I create visuals with the intention and desire to translate the universality and oneness that all peoples and cultures inherently share.

Never before has the world been so alive with the cross-pollination of ideas and sub-cultures. Global travel and communication have given us access to an excess of information and visuals like never before. We have a constant stream of films, music, satellite television, books and of course the Internet. Popular culture is in its prime!

As an artist I am excited by this. I have become a magpie, a collector of those dazzling ideas, visuals, thoughts and experiences all around me. By allowing this vitality into my sub-consciousness I allow the multiplicity of concepts to merge and eventually resurface as a distilled form of creativity from the collective consciousness which I then express through my artistic process.

This curiosity causes me to bring together many visual impressions, combining a variety of feelings, sub-cultural beliefs and global impressions. The idea of chaos and order also plays an important role in how I approach my art and communicate my visual ideas. With each piece created I aim to express the awe and wonder present in this intricate, exquisite world, a world of colour and light, mysterious clues and ancient symbols: a dimension filled with the gods and goddesses of creation, form, grace, beauty, virtue and peace…



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