original oil paintings by south african artist

Cheryl Gage - South African Artist - Oil Paintings, Mixed Media Paintings

cheryl gage oil painting south african artist

cheryl gage oil painting south african artist

cheryl gage oil painting south african artist

Cheryl Gage

Media - Oil Paintings, Mixed Media Paintings
Email - cgage@icon.co.za

My career as a visual artist has been influenced by two main stimuli: advertising art and fine art. My training in painting and drawing as a fine artist gave me an entree into the advertising industry as a studio artist and an art director. My affiliation with the advertising industry developed a specific awareness of the use of visual metaphor to communicate ideas and I subsequently explored the topic of "Symbolism in Portrait Making" for a Master's Degree in Fine Art. My current interest in teaching art theory and design principles has developed from academic research.

The interdisciplinary nature of my career has thus far provided me with a wide range of visual reference for the selection and distillation of creative solutions, both in my practice of painting and drawing, and in my teaching of design theory. Such experience has also been useful in contributing to design education programmes.

I was employed at the AAA School of Advertising to develop a three year diploma course in Advertising Art and Graphic Design: this involved the development of course content, project planning, lecturing, staff training and student/parent and industry liaison. I have also contributed to a Foundation Course: Design for a grassroots community centre under the auspices of the Curriculum Development Project instituted by the TEC. I have recently contributed to the theory components of the design education offered at the University of Pretoria, Birnam Business College and the Design Centre.

In my development as a fine artist I have explored themes of autobiographical significance and socio/political concerns.

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