original oil paintings by south african artist

Retha Du Toit - South African Artist - Oil Paintings, Watercolours, Mixed Media

retha du toit south african artist oil paintings

retha du toit south african artist oil paintings

retha du toit south african artist oil paintings

Retha Du Toit

Media - Oil Paintings, Watercolours, Mixed Media
Email - rethadut@yahoo.com

Art has always been a big part of who I am. In years gone by, I have tried my hand at many different forms of art. Of all of the different things I have tried, fashion design and my current occupation as full time artist have taken up the most of my time.

In 1994, I joined a small local Art School and studied art in all the formats under Muriel Brown, up until 1997. I continued studying art on my own and in 2000; I joined the Rhonzwa Art School for a period of 5 years.

I learnt a lot from Rowna Schwartz, but most importantly she helped me to find my own style. It started out very realistic until I moved into a more unique objective abstract style, which is still visible in my latest paintings.  Acrylics, Pastel and Watercolors and Mixed Media have been a part of my portfolio up to now and I enjoy each and every medium.

In 2006 I took up another interest and completed a course in Graphic Art, which I now experiment in and play with some of my art works. And the future might hold some great graphics, who knows.
I work from a small home studio in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg and have the privilege of being a full time artist outside of my Home executive duties. Most of my paintings are painted on inspiration but I do a lot of commissions and special requests. In the last year I have started presenting private art lessons and will continue to do so, as I find it very fulfilling to aid someone else in finding their expression in the world of art.

Through all my art I express the Glory of God and his words, as He has been my greatest inspiration.

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