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Audrey Anderson - South African Artist - Oil Paintings

audrey anderson oil paintings

audrey anderson oil paintings

audrey anderson oil paintings

Audrey Anderson

Media - Oil Painting
Phone - 084 866 5556
Email - audreyand@gmail.com


Pro Arte, Alphen Park, Pretoria   1997 – 2001
Address: cnr of 26th street and Roeline street, Alphen park, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Senior Certificate Grade 12
Study Field: Visual Arts

Graduated at University of Pretoria  2003 – 2006
Address: University of Pretoria, Lynnwood Road, Hillcrest, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Course: Ba (Fine Arts) Degree
Major: Visual Communication and Fine Arts
Secondary: Psychology, Marketing and Art History

Artist Statement

Audrey Anderson's work deals with narrative by complicating simple concepts or stories of day to day banal life. Most of the narratives used in her work are based on a slice of life, like getting ready to go somewhere or waiting for a bus. These episodes in our lives are usually not remembered or are simply automated. However, these things make up most of one's life and it shapes one's identity. By complicating the simple acts that are part of our daily lives, she emphasizes South African culture and identity that is found in these processes.

The everyday banal way of life speaks to everyone, because everyone can relate. In Audrey's art she investigates the three-way dialogue that exists between the view, the art work and the understanding. Audrey chooses not to anchor the meaning so as to allow the viewer access to their own dialogue with the work.

Her visual interest lies in comic book and graffiti art. Reason being that comics and graffiti are based in the emotional use of line as well as provoking visual interpretation by what is not drawn. Although Audrey favours the elements of comic and graffiti she aims to subvert the narrative in her work.

In conclusion Audrey's work explores interpersonal and emotional relationships. She does this by subverting the narrative and overemphasizes the day-to-day banal life.

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