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Constance Greaves – South African Artist, Watercolour Paintings 1882 - 1966

Constance Greaves was born in Brighton, England 1882 - 1966

Art Education
- Constance Greaves studied at Brighton Art School; Sussex Women’s Art Club (President Dame Laura Knight) – Certificate of Royal Drawing Society.

Short Artist Biography
- 1910 Constance Greaves came to South Africa; taught for some years.
- 1920 – 1939 Constance Greaves lived in England, traveled between South Africa and England and around British Isles.
- 1927 Returned to South Africa and became full-time painter.
- 1930 Won Karl Gundelfinger Award of NSA; Constance Greaves spent many years in the Transkei before settling at Richmond, Natal. Concentrated on African portrait and figure-studies; worked exclusively in watercolour. Traveled South Africa in search of subjects; would use the model for about ¾ hour, then complete the study at her leisure. Member of NSA, South African Society of Artists, South African Institute.

Art Exhibitions
- 1930 First one-man art exhibition, Bloemfontein, Constance Greaves showed frequently in South Africa and always on board ship coming or going to England. Participated on NSA, South African Society of Artists and South African Institute exhibitions.

Public Art collections
South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town; Durban Art Gallery; Queenstown Art Gallery; Ann Bryant Art Gallery, East London.

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