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Call for Applications, Thupelo Cape Town – FOUND OBJECT WORKSHOP


Workshop Dates: 26 September to 11 October 2008


WE INVITE YOU TO APPLY FOR A FOUND OBJECT WORKSHOP WHICH WILL BE HELD in Cape Town from Friday the 26 of September with an open day exhibition of work in progress on Saturday the 11th of October. Thupelo workshops are artists led and are initiated in response to a need for interaction between artists. This workshop will include 20 artists; all with experience in their various practices and able to experiment, exchange ideas and skills and expand their practices.

"The concentration of so much energy and commitment into a short period of time encourages risk taking and experimentation that might not happen in the artist's own studio. At the same time the process of exchange that lies at the heart of the [Thupelo] Workshops based on the Triangle model often has a long-term influence on the practice and sometimes the lives of the participants. The strong emphasis on process rather than product engendered by the workshops means that the work made and exhibited at the workshop open days is often not finished work"

Robert Loder

We invite established visual artists to apply to work in this dynamic, stimulating two week workshop at Greatmore Studios. Applications in all medium will be accepted.  Artists should bring to the workshop their own found objects, tools, paints, scrap paper, cameras etc. Applicants need to commit to working all day, everyday. There is no budget for accommodation or transport. The two week workshop will close with an open day exhibition on Saturday 11th October.

Please see our website to view previous workshops. www.greatmoreart.org

For further information contact the office:          

Tel: (027) 021 447 9699, Fax: (027) 088 021 447 9699
E-mail: thupelo@greatmoreart.org.za , Website: www.greatmoreart.org

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