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INTERNATIONAL Art & Craft WORKSHOP 1-15 December 2007

Thupelo Cape Town would like to INVITE YOU TO APPLY FOR THE NEXT INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP to BE HELD in Cape Town from Saturday the 1st of December 2007 with an open day exhibition of work in progress on Saturday the 15th of December.

Thupelo workshops are artists lead and are initiated in response to a need for interaction between artists. This workshop will include 15 artists and 15 crafters; all with experience in their various practices and able to experiment, exchange ideas and expand their practices.

"The concentration of so much energy and commitment into a short period of time encourages risk taking and experimentation that might not happen in the artist's own studio. At the same time the process of exchange that lies at the heart of the [Thupelo] Workshops based on the Triangle model often has a long-term influence on the practice and sometimes the lives of the participants. The strong emphasis on process rather than product engendered by the workshops means that the work made and exhibited at the workshop open days is often not finished work"  Robert Loder.

We invite established visual artists and crafters who would like to extend their skills, exchange ideas and techniques to apply to work in this dynamic, stimulating two week workshop where discussion and interaction between artists and crafters will be encouraged and debated. Applications in all medium will be accepted and arrangements for equipment and materials can be discussed if the application is successful. Crafters will be encouraged to bring their own machines and tools.

Evening presentations and discussions will be organised and include presentations by all participants. We would like to know more about each artist/crafter and what work is made in their country of origin. Outside visitors may be invited to attend these sessions. The two week workshop will close with an open day exhibition which will be widely publicised and will celebrate the exchange, interaction and friendships that will be made during this intense experience. 

There will be a one day educational component to the workshop when the local community will be invited to interact with the participants sharing their own skills and learning from the work that develops in the workshop.

Travel costs to and from Cape Town and specialist art/craft materials need to be covered by the artists. Thupelo will cover all other expenses.

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