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Paintings by International Artists

The following is a list of international artists working in the medium of painting. Click on the name of a international artist for images of the artist's work, a biography on the artist and contact information on the international artist.

International Artists - Paintings

ALIKA Francisca - Nigerian Artist, Paintings
BAR Amit - Netherland Artist, Photography, Drawings, Paintings and Photo-collages
BAYON Marie-Blanche - French Artist, Paintings
BEIGEL Aviva - Israeli Artist, Ceramic Sculptures, Paintings, Mosaic
BENAVENTE Mirta - Argentine Artist, Paintings
CHRISLER Peter - United States Artist, Paintings, Drawings, Ceramics
DETHLEFSEN Rich. - Danish Artist, Painting, Prints, Mixed Media
ESTEVES Dennis - Brazilian Artist, Paintings
GRADEANU Nelu - Romanian Artist, Paintings
GRAUER Sherrard - Artist From Canada, Paintings, Sculpture
HANEQUAND Daniel - Canadian Artist, Paintings, Drawings

Elena ILKU - Canadian Artist, Oil Painting
KINNEBREW Joseph - United States Artist, Paintings, Sculpture, Digital Art
MACLAREN Connie - Canadian Artist, Paintings
MAPHATSOE Peter - Lesotho Artist, Sculptures, Paintings
OLUWANBE OJO Amodu - Nigerian Artist, Drawings, Paintings
PEREIRA DA SILVA Manuel - Portuguese Artist, Sculpture, Paintings
SANDOR Beate - Austrian Artist, Paintings, Photography
SLOAN David - Canadian Artist, Drawings and Paintings
TEUNISSEN Jan - Dutch Artist, Paintings
VAN OIJEN Bart - Dutch Artist, Painting, Mixed Media, Photography

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