original oil paintings by south african artist

Jane Olsen Tasciotti - South African Artist - Acrylics, Photo-digital

south african artist Jane Olsen Tasciotti paintings

south african artist Jane Olsen Tasciotti paintings

south african artist Jane Olsen Tasciotti paintings

south african artist Jane Olsen Tasciotti paintings

Jane Olsen Tasciotti

Media - Acrylics, Photo-digital
Email - jtasciotti@bellsouth.net

My Grandfather loved to draw. His greatest dream was to study art and become a commercial artist. His family said no and he never got the chance to reach his potential.

I knew I was going to be an artist of some kind was I was 5. I was dubbed the best drawer in the 1st grade and the most artistic in high school. Every Saturday from the age of 10 on I was taking art lessons. I first took private lessons in Willoughby, Ohio, then at the Cleveland Art Museum and while in high school at the Cleveland Art Institute.

I have a BFA from Syracuse University with a Major in Illustration. I have spent much of my life in advertising. I have been an Art Director at four Ad Agencies, an art teacher in both public schools and private lessons. I am a wife and mother of two. I am and have always been an artist, and an illustrator. I am employed full time to do architectural interior renderings (some on the computer, but mostly freehand). I am happiest when I am creating something new. I work in a variety of mediums. I can draw and paint very realistically, but I am currently excited by taking photographs and working digital magic on them to create a unique simplified pop meets nature style. Sometimes the digital piece is the finished product and sometimes I use it as inspiration for a larger acrylic on canvas piece. I aim to do my work in groups of two or three for continuity in color and to enhance your interior. Feel free to ask about commissions and color adjustments to work with your project.

Honors & Awards:
1st Place "Announcements" Graphics in America International
Best in Show - Pembroke Pines Art Show,
2nd Place - Davie Orange Blossom Art Show

Art in Public Places:
Portrait of Senator Bob Graham - Tallahassee, FL, Mayor Flanagan - Pembroke Pines City Hall, FL, Dr. Ben Sheppard - Dr. Ben Sheppard Elementary School, Hialeah, FL, Dr. Ben Sheppard - Hospital Lobby, Miami, FL & 2 large abstracts  Nordica Condominium lobby, Miami, FL

Southern Entertaining cookbook by Lucy Cooper, Cuban Home Cooking cookbook by Jane Cossio, The Hunt for Unclaimed Cash & 28 Educational books: Underwater Friends by Lieba Govin & Famous People by Yuriko Nichols

Collectible Tins:
Decoy Ducks, Fisherman's Dream, Golfer's Dream, All Sports, & Window Seat, Pelican

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