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Khin Win Kyi (KWK) - Artist From Singapore - Oil Painting, Acrylics, Mixed Media

Khin Win Kyi KWK) singapore artist paintings

Khin Win Kyi KWK) singapore artist paintings

Khin Win Kyi KWK) singapore artist paintings

Khin Win Kyi (KWK)

Media - Oil Painting, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Email - kwk@artyartgallery.com
Website - www.ArtyArtGallery.com

KWK won the first prize for her first exhibition held by Artisan Association of Mawlamein College in 1972. In 1973, she participated in Mawlamein (Mawlamyine) College Art Exhibition, curated by Paw Thein. She painted her Terrace series in the syringe-style technique which is now becoming popular again but at the time was prohibited, so she used caked crème cone instead of a syringe. Nowadays her successful technique is acrylic-tube paintings.
KWK's works are expressive of her daring thoughts, powerful brushstrokes, creative techniques, and unique ideas. Private and corporate collectors from around the world, including the National Museum Myanmar and Bank Negara Malaysia Art Museum & Gallery seek her works, her work also be seen at National Art Gallery, Malaysia and also been shown in many local and international exhibitions including Art Singapore 2007, Art Expo Malaysia 2008, Art Expo Malaysia 2009 and Singapore International Art Fair 2009.
In her new Enchanted Terrace series, KWK has captured the beauty and peacefulness of the terraces in the mountains of northern Myanmar saw found during a family trip to China from Yangon. She was inspired to improvise new ideas based on those magnificent terraces.
Khin Win Kyi said "The beauty of nature and the enchanted terrace of my imagination you may not see everyday will be seen in this Enchanted Terrace series." 
Her exceptional artworks are exclusively available at Arty Art Gallery 55 Verde View, Singapore 688684, in KL at Kai Boon Gallery. She brought this series last year Art Expo Malaysia was a great hit. Her signature artwork women in a diverse form is one of a kind. You can see women as in flowers, shades, figures with a combination of soft and strong brush strokes, knife, syringe and tube techniques.

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