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Ashley Cuddeford - Artist From United States - Graphite Drawings

Ashley Cuddeford United States artist

Ashley Cuddeford United States artist

Ashley Cuddeford United States artist

Ashley Cuddeford

Media - Graphite Drawings
Phone - (971) 533-5632
Email - AshleyNicole@att.net

Whenever someone asks me to describe my artistic style I never really know what to tell them. I'm not like most artists in the way that I can simply set up and draw just anything. It takes me some time to decide what I want to do with a picture, how I want it to turn out. For that reason, landscapes or everyday scenes are not normally what I focus on. I like my drawings to be more than just an image, more than just markings on a page. With each new work of art another story is told. 

I've loved to draw for as long as I can remember. The first memory I have as an artist is of me tracing pictures out of my favorite coloring books onto a blank sheet of paper. Of course it was a much simpler view of art but I loved it then just as much as I love what I do now. I love the crazy creativity spurts I get sometimes when I'm just hanging out. I love getting lost in a drawing and feeling the excitement I get after finishing a picture and I start showing it off.

I'm definitely not what you would call an experienced artist. I'm really only just starting out. I haven't had the opportunity to take many classes or learn from other artists, but I want very much to expand on my current abilities, explore new techniques and ideas with artists who share my love for creativity.

I am currently in the process of saving up to travel to Europe to further my education in the arts. I have been accepted into Savannah College of Art and Design, and have also applied to The Aegean Center for Fine Arts and am waiting to find out if I am to be accepted.

So for now, while I wait for this new chapter in my life to begin, I only hope that everyone enjoys my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with them.

"The Forces that affect our lives, the influences that mold and shape us, are often like whispers in a distant room, teasingly indistinct, apprehended only with difficulty." - Charles Dickens

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