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Susanna Viale - Artist From Italy - Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings

susanna viale italian artist oil paintings

susanna viale italian artist oil paintings

susanna viale italian artist oil paintings

susanna viale italian artist oil paintings

Susanna Viale

Media - Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings
Via Martini 7
10025 pino torinese (TO)
Phone - 3392784844
Email - info@vialesusanna.com
Website - www.vialesusanna.com

The formation artistic scholasticism of Susanna Viale starts in the junior high schools with the teacher Mattana that has stimulated in incisive way the creativeness and the experimentation of new techniques, for then to continue to the High school Artistico and the academy of Belle Arti of Turin.

Technical experience is notably evolved following the stimuli and to the teachings of the teacher Sergio Albano of the School of street Perrone that the painter to frequented for 8 years.

The artistic life of Susan Viale is mixed with the studies infermieristici and those university of Political Sciences and Sociology, acquiring some competences and a culture incentrata on the social and anthropological dynamics, without skipping the interest for the medicine with the study of the cromoterapia and the psychology.

The art is together an of technical ability and creativeness pure mixing with the experiences of life, cultural and psychological, from this the various phases can be analyzed passed by the artist: initially years 1970 up to the end years 1980 have experimented the use of various materials and with the acrylic one she has created works of the kind pop-art (period of formation high school student), subsequently from the end years 1980 up to 1993 the geometrismo is attracted and it pleases him to paint hills and groups of cottages. From 1994 following the psychoanalytic experience and under teacher Sergio Albano's guide the painting takes the road of the figurative expressionism and the colors Fauves, the energy creative first tablet was timidly expressed, but after a big personal and psychological change she is exploded in power on colors, conflicting and free brushstrokes from which all the vitality and the energy of the artist come out.







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