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Carla Petretich - Artist From Italy - Digital Art

carla petretich italian artist

carla petretich italian artist

carla petretich italian artist

carla petretich italian artist

Carla Petretich

Media - Digital Art
Email - carla146@quipo.it
Website - http://www.carla146.it

I was born in Milan on 2nd of september in 1949. I attended Italian Secondary school and ISEF (an Institute to become a gym teacher).
While I was teaching in high middle school, I found out the real passion of mine: drawing.

So I spent an year of feverish activity at Artefici di Brera, a night school, and, on summer, the Lithography Course at Palazzo Ducale in Urbino and, the next summer, the Artistic Nude Course at the Salzburg Castle in Austria, when I discovered the treasure that I have created by my study of human body.

I drew at all times and everywhere! The events in my life have led me here in Reggio Emilia, where I live and work at present, to get near to land (I lived in the country for some years) and, maybe, to my root (my father was born here).

These conditions forced me to leave the drawing, because of lack of space, and to lose myself in quite different experiences.I resumed drawing long after and this time 'lack of space' turned me to digital art: an universe so amazing, incredible and wide that it fascinates and charms me totally.
The digital photoediting manifests its full power in collage, that is one of my favourite technique: photos, from here and there, let me enjoy to create unrealistic events by deleting all the edges in time and space or to draw attention to problems that acquire a particular bite by direct neighbourhood.

Anyway, broadly speaking, keyword now is 'research' because different softwares (I speak about graphic programs) allow experiences without restrictions...and so 'research' is able to go with me all my life long and coerces me into a continuous change.


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