original oil paintings by south african artist

Bassey Effiong Ndon - Nigerian Artist, Oil Painting, Wood Burning, Pastels, Digital Painting

Bassey Effiong Ndon nigerian artist paintings

Bassey Effiong Ndon nigerian artist paintings

Bassey Effiong Ndon nigerian artist paintings

Bassey Effiong Ndon

Media - Oil Painting, Wood Burning, Pastels, Digital Painting
Phone - +2348028335084
Website - www.doxacathedral.org/arts.htm
Email - revbasseyndon@yahoo.com

Bassey Effiong Ndon is a multitalented Nigerian painter, clergy and digital artist with a master of fine arts degree from the University of Uyo, Nigeria. Born on the 6th of November, 1974 and a national award winner of the NCF/ Mobil Competition in 1992 with various art exhibitions in Nigeria to his credit and several private collections, he has over the years been engaged with African symbolism, dance culture and social commentaries. As a lover of music and the digital medium, his work tends to musical themes of creative expressions. Lately he has been researching into interpreting African art with the digital medium.
His inspirations mostly come from the need to take a new journey into the unknown, to capture a glimpse of light in life, and to make a statement that resonates greater than we all imagine.

Bassey has over the years explored various media with diverse experiments with colour , line, geometric forms and the occasional infusion of the  Uli designs and Nsibidi symbolism - the traditional artistic decoration for communication and marital rites in Southern Nigeria. This style and aesthetic adventure embellishes his expressionist style which he implores to express his Africanism . His research into the digital medium gives a new vitality in the aesthetic rendition of African art using much motivational themes and social comments to air his views.
Bassey's works is a visual narrative of the romance between colour  and emotional instincts curled up in a frenzy of embellished thoughts of symbolism. In Bassey's abstract digital art he investigates the three-way dialogue that exists between the view, the art work and the understanding. He explores personal and interpersonal relationships in his colour and form interplay, attitude and solitude in emotion, frenzy and the hazy.

Art, as a way of life empowers, motivates and propels the drive to creativity and achievement, and as such there is a need to be influenced by this energetic force that instills discipline, patience and the will for self-development and advancement. Art is that vehicle that conveys human thought from concepts, via processes and experiences into the sea of vibrancy and aesthetic excellence.

 I create works based on various feelings brewing within my soul and on my personal philosophies and experiences. Most of my abstracts paintings stretch the human imagination into spheres of the unknown, though sometimes elements of human forms are often introduced with light controlled drips of paint that is hoped will stretch into limits in the aesthetic process.
My paintings are philosophic and inspirational in conceptualization, vibrant in chromatic orchestration, and highly fervent in intensity and expression. With expressive, agitated strong brush stroke distribution in pictorial space coupled with a dynamic flow of colors and a few adaptations from digitalization, I am fully convinced that my thought will transcend areas of ordinary rationale into a far deeper aesthetic dynamism

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