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Joseph Kinnebrew - Artist From the United States - Paintings, Sculpture, Digital Art

joseph kinnebrew united states artist paintings

joseph kinnebrew united states artist paintings

joseph kinnebrew united states artist paintings

Joseph Kinnebrew

Media - Paintings, Sculpture, Digital Art
Website - http://www.josephkinnebrew.com
Email - joseph@josephkinnebrew.com

Joseph Kinnebrew's work is in the collections of major museums as well as many well established private collections. His work has been exhibited internationally and recently at the Biennale in Florence Italy and the Palm Beach Biennale.

Joseph Kinnebrew's digital collages represent his continuing commitment to work that reflects the thoughts and observations of an important, mature, contemporary artist working across a wide range of media but remaining focused on his continuing interest in post-modernism. New York Times critic William Zimmer has said, "his work is the 800-pound gorilla, impossible to ignore".

As a minimalist his sculpture is monumental and in his bronzes one senses a powerful sensuality that is again expressed in his surreal and floral paintings.

At 64 Joseph Kinnebrew continues to produce work with energy that those half his age can only envy. With his unrelenting pace and output of of creativity, Kinnebrew rushes forward often leaving others with only a glimpse of what their futures may be. He races on already having seen it.




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