original oil paintings by south african artist

Frances Ferdinands - Artist From Canada - Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media

frances ferdinands canadian artist paintings

frances ferdinands canadian artist paintings

frances ferdinands canadian artist paintings

Frances Ferdinands

Media - Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media
Email - fferdinands@sympatico.ca
Website - www.francesferdinands.com

Frances Ferdinands is a Toronto-based artist of Sri Lankan origin. She has exhibited her paintings for over two decades in group and solo exhibitions in such diverse places as Paris, Honolulu, Bogota, the Continental U.S.A. and across Canada.

Ferdinands draws inspiration from thoughts, emotions, and occurrences that spring from her daily life.  As well, her paintings often express her concerns for the social and environmental conditions/situations of post-modern society. Her work is generally created in "series", that have a specific thematic focus, such as isolation ( ADRIFT), WAR, FASHION/ART, and most recently FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Her images, often a mix of contemporary and historical source material, are arresting juxtapositions, infused with humour, irony, metaphor, and spirituality.  Joan Murray, (former) Director/Curator of the Robert McLaughlin Gallery wrote  "She (Ferdinands) brings to painting an intelligent, exploratory consciousness."

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