original oil paintings by south african artist

Sara Diciero - Artist From Agentina - Oil Paintings

sara diciero argentine artist oil paintings

sara diciero argentine artist oil paintings

sara diciero argentine artist oil paintings

sara diciero argentine artist oil paintings

Sara Diciero

Media - Oil Paintings
Condarco 5453
1419 Buenos Aires
Email - saradiciero@ciudad.com.ar
Phone - 005411 4571 9822
Website - http://www.artmajeur.com/saradiciero

Born in Argentina in 1949. Sara Diciero lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Her first experiences with the arts were upon taking classes from argentine teachers (Febo Marti) in 1985. She hasn't stopped since then.  Sara Diciero lived in Spain for 3 years (1986-1989) where she learned: drawing and different painting techniques.

Sara Diciero has taken part in over 300 national and international exhibitions, she was admitted in many municipal, national and private contests where she won 48 awards..
She has appeared in 21 solo exhibitions.

Sara Diciero's artwork has a creative originality. Since 1999, Diciero has been experimenting with the idea of lighting the artwork from behind. She uses oil paint on resin sheets to create the support of her "luminous" boxes or backlights, which she then exhibits in groups as installations.

Diciero ilustrated in 2005 the poetry book "Estuario: remotas estancias" by the writer  Reyna Armendariz Gonzalez, from Chihuahua-Mexico.

Nowadays, her artworks can be found in private international collections in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Puerto Rico and the U.S.A.

She continuously keeps improving her skills; she has done different specialization courses and figures in many books, CDs, websites  and publications about Contemporary Art.










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