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Nils Brazzola - Artist From United Arab Emirates - Acrylic Paintings, Mixed Media

Nils Brazzola United Arab Emirates artist paintings

Nils Brazzola United Arab Emirates artist paintings

Nils Brazzola United Arab Emirates artist paintings

Nils Brazzola

Media - Oil Paintings
Email - nbrazzola@gmail.com
Website - http://www.nbrazzola.com

Swiss-born artist Nils Brazzola is the latest of talented and gifted young painters to arrive in Dubai, UAE.

Destined for artistic expression, Nils Brazzola grew up in a family of artists, mostly painters, and he was primarily inspired by his grandfather, Donato Brazzola. Donato was very well-known locally for his Cubism paintings and stained glass works. Though he never met his grandfather, young Nils was fascinated by the light and colours portrayed while a supporting family always encouraged his creativity and artistic expression.

Instinctively drawn to nature, Nils first worked as a forester in Switzerland and then at a wild animal sanctuary in Bolivia. His keen knowledge and appreciation of nature is reflected in works like the Burnt Trees series where the dark and mysterious woods captivate viewers with a bright, intriguing light.

Brazzola experimented with different media before focusing on oil painting, such as pencil, ink, latex, watercolour, acrylic and various crafts. The artist still uses his experience of these materials in his current artwork to add texture and depth to the oil paintings: adding rough, coarse matter such as tree bark or ropes, as well as soft delicate cotton fabric and smooth egg shells to his paintings.

Nils Brazzola won a crafts prize in Minnesota, USA, during his studies there. He then went on to participate in three exhibitions in Switzerland for his ink drawings and spent three years at the Société d'Etudes Artistiques (Society of Artistic Study) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Recently relocated to Dubai, UAE, Brazzola is working on his new collection of oil paintings entitled Red and Black and he is currently planning an exhibition of his work in Dubai.

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