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Franz Marc on Art and Painting

Franz Marc: Let the World Speak for Itself

" Is there any more mysterious idea for an artist than the conception of how nature is mirrored in the eyes of an animal? How does a horse see the world, or an eagle, or a doe, or a dog?... "

" There is little abstract art today, and what there is is stammering and imperfect. It is an attempt to let the world speak for itself, instead or reporting the speech of minds excited by their picture of the world. "

" Only today can art be metaphysical, and it will continue to be so. Art will free itself from the needs and desires of men. We will no longer paint a forest or a horse as we please or as they seem to us, but as they really are. "

Franz Marc: Folk Art

" The people itself ( and I do not mean the 'masses' ) has always given art its essential style. The artist merely clarifies and fulfills the will of the people. But when the people does not know what it wants, or, worst of all, wants nothing, ... then its artists driven to seeking their own forms, remain isolated, and become martyrs ..."

Franz Marc: Art of the Future

" The art of the future will give form to our scientific convictions; this is our religion and our truth, and it is profound and weighty enough to produce the greatest style and the greatest revaluation of form that the world has ever seen. "


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