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Paul Klee of Art and Painting

Paul Klee: Begin With The Specific Instance

" But by way of consolation: it is valueless to paint premature things, what counts is to be a personality, or at least to become one. "

" The domination of life is one of the basic conditions of productive expression. "

" I have to disappoint at first. I am expected to do things a clever fellow could easily fake. But my consolation must be that I am much more handicapped by the sincerity of my intentions than by any lack of talent or ability. I have a feeling that sooner or later I shall arrive at something legitimate, only I must begin, not with hypothesis, but with specific instances, no matter how minute. "

Paul Klee: The Microcosm

" It is a great difficulty and great necessity to have to start with the smallest. I want to be as though new-born, knowing nothing, absolutely nothing, about Europe; ignoring poets and fashions, to be almost primitive. "

Paul Klee: Art and Science

" We construct and construct, and yet intuition still has its uses. Without it we can do a lot, but not everything. One may work for a long time, do different things, many things, important things, but not everything. "

" When intuition is joined to exact research it speeds the progress of exact research ..."


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