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Marc Chagall on Art and Painting

Marc Chagall: Anecdote and Fantasy

" There is nothing anecdotal in my pictures - no fairy tales - no literature in the sense of folk-legend associations. "

" For me a picture is a plane surface covered with representations of objects - beasts, birds, or humans - in a certain order in which anecdotal illustrational logic has no importance. The visual effectiveness of the painted composition comes first. Every extra-structural consideration is secondary. "

" I am against the terms ' fantasy' and ' symbolism ' in themselves. All our interior world is reality - and that perhaps more so than our apparent world. To call everything that appears illogical, ' fantasy', fairy tale or chimera would be practically to admit not understanding nature. "

Marc Chagall: Plastic Values and Poetic Values

" In painting, the images of a woman or of a cow have different values of plasticity - but not different poetic values. "

" What I mean by ' abstract ' is something which comes to life spontaneously through a gamut of contrasts, plastic at the same time as psychic, and pervades both the picture and the eye of the spectator with conceptions of new and unfamiliar elements ..."

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