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The South Project - South African Art News

The South Project, an initiative by Craft Victoria Australia, is headed for Johannesburg South Africa. Previous legs of the South Project include Melbourne 2004, Wellington 2005 and Santiago 2006.

The project was borne out of frustrations from a once-off Melbourne biennial in 1999 and discussions whether there was room internationally for another biennial. The South Project brings together artists and writers across the south to discuss how to work together and further dialogue on progressive art production away from the main centres of the art world.

The Johannesburg event will take place October 23 - 26, 2007 with the culmination of the project in a festival of the south in Melbourne 2009. The emphasis of The South Project is on visual art including craft, design and product development. There is also an outreach programme to involve school children. The Johannesburg event will be held primarily in Soweto and the Johannesburg City Centre and it will include workshops and public forums.

Art South Africa, Volume 05 Issue 03 Autumn 2007.

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